Maarit has been riding since the age of six years. Started with Icelandic horses in 1998, when she bought the fourgaited gelding Rodi, from a riding tour company in Norway. As a companion to him we then bought the mare Frida. Frida was also the mare we first got foal from. Choosing a stallion, covering and getting foals was something completely new and exciting and we wanted to learn more. Then we bought Hrafndis. "Hraffa's" first foal became our "great pride" Meyla from Jemthagen, pictured above. Meyla then gave us the stud book stallion Stáli from Jemthagen. We also had a breeding mare named Gígja and lent her sister Hrund, for breeding. You can read all abaut these horses and their offspring on their page.


Vi planerar att ha både hingst- och stobete, som vanligt, under 2020.
Vi återkommer med mer informtion inom kort.


Vårens träningar hos Valne Rid- och rehab kör igång 18-19 januari.
Jag är anmäld och kommer att hänga med varje månad.


Stáli från Jemthagen är våren 2019 stamboksförd på Wången. 
Nu i träning inför 6-års bedömning.